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About Japan Fine Ceramics Association

Since its foundation in November 1986, Japan Fine Ceramics Association (JFCA) is an organization with a mission to promote the development of the fine ceramics industry.
In order to utilize the most advanced technologies of fine ceramics, it requires multiple collaboration of manufacturers, users, universities and research laboratories, together with the fusion of other materials. The members of Japan Fine Ceramics Association include a diversity of industries such as; Ceramics, Chemicals, Metals, Automobiles, Electronics, Power supply and Service. Through various activities, JFCA brings together and promotes cooperation among government, industry and academia for the further development of the fine ceramics industry.

Outline of Activities

・Collection and Supply of Information on the Fine Ceramics Industry
Publication of Association’s “FC Report (Japanese only)” and this industry's only comprehensive statistics “Sangyodokochosa (Sales trend survey)”. Supplying information on the internet website and arranging lectures on the latest management and technologies.

・Exchange of Information and Meetings
Introducing new products and technologies at the “International Ceramics Exhibition” and “Techno-festa”. Conducting field trips to various companies and organizations. Arranging seminars on topics regarding to the needs of the JFCA members. (Such as technology, market trends, and regulatory measures etc.)

・Survey and Research for the Industry
Conduct surveys and research to clarify the needs of the industry to suggest and support the government's industrial strategy and development project.

・Research and Development of Standards
Establishing the evaluation technology for fine ceramics, including Photocatalysis and Bioceramics. Preparation of the draft for standardization.

・Promotion of International Cooperation
Survey and research on fine ceramics industries overseas. Attending international symposiums. Gathering foreign information.

・Awarding of the Japan Fine Ceramics Association’s Prize
JFCA awards individuals, corporations and organizations who have distinguished achievement in the field of fine ceramics.

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